Reflections from Shaun Mauiliu, Director of Training

Talofa and good evening to all the faculty and students of PIOA

First I would like to thank Dr Des and Prof Nik and all our research committee for your hard work and teaching in the last couple of years.

I just want to share with everyone especially our trainees in the various pacific islands my own experiences.

Above is an article that just been published I know it’s not a much , but I thought it would worth to celebrate.

But first I thought it would best to start from my own experience going through the PIOA training program.

First of all I started like all of you guys, I was scared and had no idea about orthopedics even worse I had no idea about how to look after an orthopedic patient. But through the guidance and education that I have learnt from PIOA, this has given me the platform and courage to do the impossible. I was just like you, I was alone, working 100 hours a week, slaving like a dog to maintain a service, and at the same time neglecting my health and especially my family and the people that matter the most.

Yes we all have excuses and reasons not to do assignments and not to fill your logbooks , or that you are overwhelmed with patients, but i can bear testament to all the teaching and mentoring from PIOA, that you can make a positive change to the lives of our patients if you WORK HARD , HONEST, RESILIENT, HONEST & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

During my years of training I worked alone and had a lot struggles and at times being treated like a nobody. But I stuck to my training in PIOA and to god be the glory for he has guided me to were I am now

My challenge to all the trainees please don’t not take advantage of the opportunity you have, take it and use it wisely please. Look after yourself and family first before your look after your patients.

The article I shared above is not much but testament to my mentors and especially to our PIOA faculty

We should all learn to celebrate our achievements when we can and we should all work together as a team

Once again a massive congratulations to Viola for passing your exams looking forward and to working with you in the future. You are a true testament of resilience.

Once again thank you Des and Prof Nik and our entire faculty for your ever ending support and mentoring

Just wanted to share with everyone in this forum even if you are alone in an island you can still do research and give the same level of care for your patients as you do in first world countries

Hope that this pandemic ends soon so we can all meet up and have a proper module😂😂😂

Kind regards