Dr. Basil Leodoro from Vanuatu has been the Medevac coordinator at Vila Central Hospital. Basil attended his first PIOA module in February. He requested additional assistance in the form of personnel and ex-fix equipment.
PIOA has been able to assist the staff at the Vila Central Hospital by sending Dr Stephen Kodovaru and operating theatre RN Mary Maneporaa from Solomon Islands. They stayed in Vila for 10 days to help with dealing with trauma following the cylcone.
Please click here to read a report on the PIOA Vanuatu relief trip by Stephen Kodovaru.
In addition Dr. Mark Rokobuli, one of our trainees from Fiji has been deployed with the Royal Fiji Military to assist in Vila.
PIOA was also able to coordinate and deliver ex-fix equipment donated by Stryker Orthopaedics, and Dot Dash (Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics) and some battery drills donated by Greenslopes Hospital.
Dr. Basil Leodoro reviewing a child who suffered burns while trying to help his family get rid of cyclone debris.
Dr. Trevor Culwick receiving ex-fix gear carried by PIOA (donated by Dot Dash, Stryker and Greenslopes Hospital)

Dr. Basil Leodoro co-ordinating Medevac flights for injured patients on the outer islands


Cyclone Pam affected people in Port Vila queuing for food rations.