Building safe surgical teams in Samoa

PIOA ran a safe surgical teams workshop in TTM Hospital on Saturday 25 March 2023

The workshop focussed on Situation analysis, Decision making, Communication and Teamwork. Here are some comments from those who attended.

RN Faatalaleleigafou Maliko / Junior theater Nurse.

  • For me as a new grad it was great opportunity to learn about communication, interacting between colleagues/ different methods of signing in & learning how the other pacific island countries how they are doing it, and this was an eye opener for me. After the course and in the last couple of weeks this has given us the confidence to speak up about factors that affect patient safety within the theater. Understanding the process of communication and knowing what to do during an emergency and how to deal with patient safety.

RN Heaven Isaia / Senior Theater Nurse.

  • All my years of working as a theater nurse, SST has given as a sense of understanding and knowledge, and the process of communication. After the course I have noticed a big improvement in knowledge and knowing the communication chain if there is an emergency and more transparency in our roles and how we communicated with each other.
  • After the SST I have noticed a healthier and a more respectful workplace then before we did the course.
  • It is a very good way that SST has uplifted the professionalism within our operating theater.

RN Filipi Keresoma/ Senior Theater Nurse.

  • SST is a useful training it helps in terms of planning and prioritization of the day during the day.
  • With our limited resources that we have, this course has given us more knowledge and skills in dealing with difficult cases and learning to work as a team for patient safety.
  • This course has also highlighted us to communicate better, and work as a team and the bottom line is the safety of the patient.

Dr Cecilia Vaai Bartley / Anesthetic Registrar -final year trainee.

  • For the SST, I found it really good, it was helpful to talk about non-technical skills as this directly affects technical skills very much.

It was  good also that it involved everyone like the scrub nurse & surgeons, and this helps us deal with issues that affect patient safety and how we can all work as a team