PIOA assists Kundiawa Hospital with C arm digital xray

One of the common problems throughout developing world hospitals is the failure of II (C arm) machines. These are technologically sophisticated and used in the Operating theatre to do on table xray imaging of fractures in multiple planes. The devices fail in 3 main areas (bulb failure, motherboard or other electronic failure or damage to cable from rodents in base. Because the machine is large and heavy it is not possible to send it back for maintenance. Service personnel are also very expensive and hard to come by. The cost of the device is around US $80-100,000. PIOA worked in partnership with Australian Doctors for Africa to develop a low-cost C arm (it has been named C-Bones). We had assistance from Mick Caratti, a highly skilled engineer who did the detailed engineering design. Manufacture of the C arm was done by Alloytech in Bayswater, WA. The C arm device is purely mechanical and robust. The XR generator is a battery-operated unit that can provide 300 exposures per charge. It has been designed for veterinary use (portable) and is fully certified. The digital receiver is also wireless and communicated with a laptop via a router. It takes single shot static x rays which appear on the laptop within 2 seconds of image being taken. It is not a continuous image intensifier. The first prototype was installed in Kundiawa in PNG in June. A second is now installed in Hargeisa Hospital in Somaliland. This device can be delivered for USD $35000 (one third of the cost of a regular II). Installation is straightforward and detailed instructions are provided. Please contact PIO Pty Ltd (email des.soares@drdes.com.au) if you want more information about the C Bones.
X ray generator – can adjust kV and mAs
C Bones install at Kundiawa
C Bones install at Hargeisa Hospital, Somaliland