PIOA supervision visit to Nonga, PNG

We are delighted that Dr. Philipp Stillhard from Switzerland is able to visit some of our new PNG trainees in their own hospitals.

First stop is Nonga Hospital near Rabaul in PNG. Here, Dr. Kevin Lapu has been trying to look after trauma with limited training and equipment. Through PIOA, he has been able to source implants and a battery surgical drill.

This is Kevin using his new drill under direct supervision of Philipp, for the very first time. Over the next 3 years as Kevin gains new skills he will be able to provide quality surgical orthopaedic care for the people of his community who come to Nonga Hospital.

Philipp’s travel costs are met by generous donors who cover airfares and his accommodation in PNG. All of his time is a free donation to improve the care of patients in the Pacific.

You can read Dr. Kevin Lapu’s report on the visit  here.