Brief course review – Stevens James from Lae, PNG

It has been a pleasure in the last almost three weeks of statistically drilling/screwing the gospel vibes of PIOA across the corridors of the Pacific.
Although tiring, it’s an opportunity not to be missed for some of us and the most exciting aspects of Orthopedic care.

Moulded cast application – Kabiri Itaka (Kiribati) applying a short arm cast to Stevens James (Lae, LNG) under the supervision of Prof Nik Friederich (Basle, Switzerland)

To our teachers/mentors, you have been sent from heaven, thanks a million times.
To our colleagues in the Pacific, our haematological bondage has grown thicker to strum the orthopedic vibes more closer and enjoyablly.
Happy sharing/gaining skills and knowledge, farewell! Special thanks givings to Prof Nik Friederich and Our none other than the man himself, Des
Cheers! !!!

Stevens James, Lae, Papua New Guinea