PIOA agreement with AO Alliance Foundation

PIOA has signed a partnership agreement with the AO Alliance Foundation, which is the premier orthopaedic education foundation worldwide. This was only possible because of the tireless efforts of Dr. Herman Oberli, founding member of PIOA and a strong advocate for the improvement of the management of trauma in the Pacific Islands. We also wish to thank our generous sponsor, Hans Joerg Wyss, for his partnership in our work. This agreement means that PIOA has stable funding for the next 5 years and can continue to train orthopaedic surgeons from Pacific Island countries. PIOA is now the accepted leader for orthopaedic training in the Pacific Island countries.
From L to R: Suthorn Bavonratanavech, AO Foundation representative; Joachim Prein(Vice-Chair), Rolf Jeker(Chair), Jaime Quintero, Board Member. Standing: Dr. Hermann Oberli