Introducing Kabiri Itaka from Kiribati

PIOA welcomes our newest trainee, Dr. Kabiri Itaka from Kiribati.
Dr Itaka is one of only two surgeons in his nation serving a population of approximately 100,000 people. To date any orthopaedic trauma in Kiribati is held over for formal management by a visiting team from Brisbane that comes only once a year. Dr. Itaka will now be able to take a much more active role in managing his injured patients.

PIOA Module 3, October 2013 – Hip

The third module – “Hip” was held at the National Referral Hospital, Honiara, Solomon Islands from 13 October to 22 October 2013. Click here to read the Module 3 report .


PIOA trainees from L to R: Shaun Mauiliu, Stephen Kodovaru, George Kabwere, Alex Munamua.

Practicing applying an external fixator to a fractured pelvis (synthetic bones).
Plaster technician Philip is  in the background.

AOA ASM Darwin, October 2013

PIOA trainees Stephen Kodovaru and Alex Munamua presented scientific papers at the Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting in Darwin on 9 October 2013. Dr Patrick Houasia also presented a report on the first two modules and the positive effect the PIOA training program was having not just on the orthopaedic department but also on the rest of the hospital.
Stephen Kodavaru, Alex Munamua and John North at the AOA ASM in Darwin.

GB Orthopaedics

Thank you to GB Orthopaedics for their kind donation of Ponsetti boots and bars for the Club Foot programme in the Solomon Islands.Dr. Stephen Kodovare was able to visit the GB Orthopaedics workshop in Brisbane and see how prostheses are made.

PIOA agreement with International College of Surgeons

PIOA reaches an agreement with the International College of Surgeons (ICS).
The ICS has agreed to recognise successful graduates of the PIOA training programme as Fellows of the International College of Surgeons. A copy of the formal letter from ICS is available here. PIOA is the first training organisation in the Pacific to obtain formal recognition of its graduates by the International College of Surgeons.

PIOA initial agreement

PIOA  signs training agreement with Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands Government.  November 2012

Dr.Lester Ross, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Solomon Islands Government signed a training agreement with Dr Patrick Houasia and Dr Desmond Soares representing the Pacific Islands Orthopaedic association. The agreement was signed in Honiara on 27 November 2012 at the Ministry. The agreement is for an initial period of five years with an extension by mutual agreement. PIOA will commence the first module of the training program in Honiara in February 2013.

International College of Surgeons Congress, Brisbane 2012

PIOA training program presented at International College of Surgeons Congress Brisbane
Dr. Desmond Soares presented a paper titled “Moodle and Modules – an innovative training program” at the 38th Biennial World Congress of the International College of Surgeons in Brisbane on 10 November 2012. PIOA is looking to partner with the International College of Surgeons (ICS) so as to award those who complete the PIOA training program a fellowship of the International College of Surgeons.